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Innowacyjność a internacjonalizacja

dr Brodzicki Tomasz | 07.03.2016

 Innovate or remain domestic? Innovation and internationalization nexus. Initial evidence for Poland from a large firm-level survey,

Opublikowany w książce: Katarzyna Śledziewska red., Digital Ecosystems, Smart Economy and Innovation, DeLAB, Uniwersytet Warszawski, Warszawa.

 A lot of recent empirical research points to superior performance of exporting firms in relation to non-exporters. Exporters on average are found to be larger, more productive, more capital and skilled-intensive then non-exporters. Furthermore, self-selection mechanisms are at work with only the most productive firms being capable of entering international markets. At the same time several important studies have found that innovation and exporting are inextricably linked at firm-level. It has been recently asserted that marginal benefits of simultaneous exporting and innovating increase in firm’s productivity. Simultaneously, there exists a positive, broad, strong and robust correlation between the extent of internationalization of firms and innovation activities in the panel of European manufacturing firms. Innovation could increase the level of productivity and thus increase the probability of becoming an exporter.

Apart from several recent studies, the literature on the role of firm heterogeneity in Polish trade and its nexus with innovation performance is scarce. The goal of this article is to fill this gap and to show the difference in innovation activity between exporters and non-exporters. The article provides initial empirical evidence of the relationship between the firm's export performance and its innovation activity in a panel of exporters and non-exporters from a large survey of Polish firms conducted by the Institute for Development. Our analysis supports the idea that the superior performance of the exporters may be linked to their superior innovation performance. 

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