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International Affairs


  • Krystyna Gawlikowska-Hueckel
  • Wiktor Szydarowski

Monopolies on production and trade do .....not spring from tendencies .....characteristic for capitalist economy but interventionist government policy against free trade and Laissez-faire.

Ludwig von Mises

Economies of different countries are becoming increasingly interdependent. The global crisis has shown how rapidly and severely events happening in one region of the world impact on the situation of other countries, and proved that many issues, which seemed recognised and described, still require re-thinking.

Globalization is a fact. Polemicizing with it would be like denying the law of gravity. Recalling the words of F. Fukuyama it must be noted that the process of globalization can not be stopped, but by knowing its causes and the nature - it is possible to mitigate its negative effects as well as to seek to benefit from it. These benefits are present at the level of groups of countries, national economies, their regions or enterprises. 

"International affairs" - in comparison with other areas of research of the Institute for Development - are universal and horizontal. Each of the other areas is under constantly increasing international influences. The area of
"international affairs" is not limited to  purely economic issues, as in the sphere of international relations the economic dimension is inextricably intertwined with other planes of relations between countries