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Recommendations for applying territorial cohesion concept for conducting development policy. Territorial aspects of public policies.

Profesor Jacek Szlachta

This article summarizes the results of the research conducted by the Institute for the Development focused on the introduction of the spatial concept, mainly territorial cohesion, to development policy, in the context of growth, concepts. Poland is in this respect has outpaced other European countries. However, many aspects of programming and implementation of policies enhancing growth in the territorial context need strengthening. The most important challenges and solutions are presented in this paper.

The paper presents the research conducted bu the Institute, financed by the Polish National Science Centre under the project “Concept of the territorial cohesion in cohesion policy. Implications for Economic Growth" (no. 2012/05/B/HS4/04212). 


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  • JEL:R11, R12, R58
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