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Measurement of territorial cohesion. Defining the measures of the measurable aspects of this concept. Case of Poland Tomasz Komornicki, Dorota Ciołek

This paper presents an attempt to measure territorial cohesion in Polish circumstances. For different reasons such as stage of knowledge and availability of data and information only measurement of territorial capital appeared fully feasible in Poland in a current circumstances. The concept of territorial keys has been applied in order to identify key elements of territorial cohesion related to its territorial capital dimension. Those elements have been measured and mapped. Using statistical analysis of principal component the three components of territorial capital as a key aspect of territorial cohesion were identified allowing to achieve a synthetic index of territorial cohesion (in its territorial capital dimension).

The paper present results of the research of the Institute financed by the Polish National Science Centre as a project “Concept of the territorial cohesion in cohesion policy. Implications for Economic Growth "(no. 2012/05/B/HS4/04212). 


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