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Innovation and internationalization. Evidence for Poland from a firm-level survey

Doktor Tomasz Brodzicki

Several important studies find that innovation and exporting are inextricably linked at firm-level. Aw et al. (2011) find that the marginal benefit of simultaneous exporting and innovating increases with productivity, with self-selection effect typical for heterogeneous firm literature a la Melitz (2003) driving a large part of the observed complementarity. Altomonte et al. (2013) show that there is a positive, broad, strong and robust correlation between the extent of internationalization of firms and innovation activities in the panel of European manufacturing firms (EFIGE dataset). Apart form several recent studies the literature on the role of firm heterogeneity in Polish trade and the nexus with innovation performance is in its infancy. The goal of this article is to present some initial results of a large survey of Polish exporting and non-exporting firms conducted by the team of the Institute for Development aimed at filling this important gap. 

The research was conducted and financed within the grant of National Science Centre “Analysis of international trade of Poland in the light of new trade theories. Implications for economic policy at the crisis era” (2012/05/B/HS4/04209) chaired by prof. Krystyna Gawlikowska-Hueckel.  

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    internationalization, innovation activity, firms survey

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