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A seminar by prof. Jacek Szlachta

TB | 07.02.2011

TB | 07.02.2011

A seminar by prof. Jacek Szlachta (President of The Institute for Development, Professor of the Warsaw School of Economics) on the Regional Policy of the EU in the Next Financial Perspective will be held on the 26 March, 2011 at 2 pm - 4 pm at the Gdańsk Science and Technology Park, 3 Trzy Lipy St., room 215.

Please confirm your attendance by Tuesday, 22 March, 2011. All applications should be addressed to Mr. Ewa Głazek, on tel. 665 47 83 51 or via e-mail at: .


S. Umiński, PhD, Vice-President of The Institute for Development


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