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Activities of The Institute for Development in 2010

Doktor Tomasz Brodzicki | 06.10.2010

Tomasz Brodzicki, PhD | 06.10.2010

The Institute for Development has recently undertaken a number of previously planned actions. We have opened the Office of the Board of the Institute, which is located in Gdańsk Science and Technology Park on 3 Trzy Lipy St. , room 2.27. We are gradually building a network of collaborators, which will aim to determine the realistic potential of the Institute. The Institute is created in accordance with the concept of lean network research think-tank.

The Institute, according to the founders' concept, began the research work related to issues such as: regional development, a competitive potential of the regions, determinants of the trade exchange between Polish regions. In the above-mentioned fields we have submitted a number of projects for scientific research grants, including the ones of: the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the National Bank of Poland.

The Institute's experts advise major institutions at central and regional levels such as the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Regional Development and the Office of the Marshal of Pomorskie Voivodship, preparing opinion on strategic plans in various areas of economic policy and ongoing activities of these institutions.

Soon we are going to launch projects aimed at students of Pomeranian universities (doctoral seminars conducted by the Institute- free seminars / lectures for PhD students) and secondary schools.

Experts of the Institute are also speakers at seminars, national and international conferences, for example:

· Cohesion Challenges in Central and Eastern Europe from the perspective of a Polish maritime region, Brussels, prof. Jacek Zaucha & Alina Landowska

· The role of entrepreneurship and innovation in the development of a municipality, Tczew Commune Office, Tomasz Brodzicki, PhD

· The position of the city of Tczew. in the economic development of the region, Tczew Commune Office, Tomasz Brodzicki, PhD

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