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Europe 2020: a new economic strategy

mgr inż. Alina Landowska | 12.03.2010

Alina Landowska, M.Eng .| 12.03.2010

On 10 March, 2010, the European Commission presented a new strategy entitled "Europe 2020"   which is to facilitate the exit from the financial crisis and to prepare the European economy for the challenges of the next decade. The document indicated three main types of growth, which will be supported by various activities at the Union and national level: 

  • smart growth (enhancing the role of research and innovation, education and digital society),
  • sustainable growth (utilising resource-efficient production which simultaneously increases competitiveness),
  • inclusive growth (rising employment rate, improving qualifications, fighting poverty).

Five headline targets have been agreed upon, which describe/determine the position where the EU should find itself by the year 2020. These targets will be subject to a progress assessment during the course of the implementation of the strategy.                                                                                              

The President of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, commented on the document as follows: 'Europe 2020 describes about what we need to do today and tomorrow to get the EU economy back on track. The crisis has revealed fundamental weaknesses and unsustainable trends that we can no longer ignore. Europe has a growth deficit threatening our future. We need to strongly reinforce our weaknesses and exploit a number of advantages. We need to create a new economic model based on knowledge, low-carbon economy and high employment levels. This battle requires mobilisation of all actors across Europe.'

The report is available at:


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