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Gdansk Technology and Science Park

Gdańsk Science and Technology Park

Address: ul. Trzy Lipy 3, 80-172 Gdańsk
Tel:+48 (58) 739 61 17
Fax:+48 (58) 739-61-18

PARK your business idea in Gdansk

Prof. Hilary Koprowski Gdańsk Science and Technology Park  was established in 2006. The founder of the GSTP is the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone. By cooperating with local government of Pomeranian voivodeship, the city of Gdańsk, the Gdansk University of Technology and the Medical University of Gdansk, the Zone contributed to the creation of a modern research facility located in the heart of Gdańsk.

Laboratories, office-technology conference centre and EduPark - Education Centre for children and adolescents are located inside the GSTP.

The GSTP offers modern technology and production spaces as well as offices equipped with ICT infrastructure. Within the Park there was also found a Technology Incubator. The place providing conditions for setting up and and development of new companies based on knowledge and modern technologies, pursued by graduates and academics.

In addition, Pomeranian Technopolis - an integrated system of managing innovative systems - was developed thanks to the GSTP's activity. It is based on the "Triple Helix" model - golden triangle engaging science, business and local government, along with business supporting organizations.

The Park is cooperating with entrepreneurs, young companies, students and graduates who have interesting ideas for developing business using their own resources as well as resources from EU reserves. The activities of the Park focus on the development of strategic economic sectors in the area of  Research & Development which are part of the Lisbon strategy. Currently, the GSTP gathers about 50 companies operating in industries such as:

  • biotechnology,

  • biomedicine,

  • electronics,

  • telecommunication,

  • informatics,

  • mechanical engineering,

  • nanotechnology.

The location of the company in Gdańsk Science and Technology Park is associated with many amenities for entrepreneurs. They are provided with prestigious address, public support for a partial exemption from income tax, competitive prices for rental of premises, assistance in implementation and transfer of new technologies, scientific and business care as well as advisory, information, consulting and legal service. Entrepreneurs are also engaged in the process of building networks and developing business clusters. Hence their companies can be promoted in various research and business centres cooperating with GSTP.  

The Park is a meeting-place for  

Enterprising, Active, constantly Developing and Creative people.