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The Institute for Development is an independent science foundation, aiming to conduct and promote research which enhances innovation as well as social, economical and spatial competitiveness. The foundation inspires and conducts scientific research in the areas of management and social sciences. Our activities are focused on promoting the practical application of research findings in socio-economic policy at a central, regional and local level.

The main objectives that guided the founders of the Institute relate to social, economic and spatial development, and include in particular:

  • undertaking and supporting various initiatives in order to develop knowledge and knowledge-based economy in Poland, including the development of entrepreneurship;
  • conducting educational and scientific activities in fields of science which are especially important for the civilizational, cultural and economical development of Poland and its regions, as well as its international prestige;
  • carrying out activities on behalf of European integration as well as developing contacts and cooperation between societies.

Within ongoing research we offer to help our public and private partners in the quantitative and qualitative assessment and understanding of key phenomena for the functioning of society and economy. We raise subjects relating to regional development in the face of globalization, Baltic integration, the effectiveness of the public sphere (including science and higher education, especially in terms of quality of education and adapting the courses to the needs of the economy), the evolution of technology, social and spatial change (metropolisation, suburbanization). The effects of our work are reflected in the reports, opinions, studies, evaluations, international partner projects, classes and lectures conducted by our staff, in co-organizing conferences and symposia and also in national and international publications.

Conducting basic research in the field of social sciences, particularly economics, is an important aspect of the activities of Institute for Development. We are deeply convinced that this kind of research is necessary for better understanding of the world around us and therefore improving economic policy and business decisions.

Activities previously carried out separately are now concentrated in the new location. Our experts and partners are people who combine academic work with extensive experience gained from the application of analytical tools in practice by both Polish and foreign companies and the public administration. This ensures that the solutions are based on solid, factual knowledge, and will comply with the highest standards of functionality and usefulness for the final consumer.