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Tomasz Parteka


Like his father, grandfather and great grandfather, Professor Parteka has lived in Gdansk, Pomerania since his birth (1944). He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the Gdansk University of Technology, where he defended his doctoral dissertation in 1989. He completed his professional training in Bremen (Germany - 1989) and participated in the monthly International Visitor Program (the U.S. 1992). In 1989, along with a few enthusiasts, he established the first environmental foundation in Pomerania- "Ecobaltic", over which he presided for many years. In 2001, Professor Parteka completed his habilitation, obtaining a postdoctoral degree in technical sciences on architecture and urbanism.

He works at the Gdansk University of Technology as Associate Professor, Head of the Research Team in the State Committee for Scientific Research and Director of Postgraduate Studies on the Faculty of Architecture (GUoT). He is an executive member of the Committee for Spatial Development of the Polish Academy of Science (since 2002). Professor Parteka is the author of four books, of which the most recognized is called "Planowanie strategiczne w równoważeniu struktur regionalnych” (Strategic planning in balancing regional structures), studies of the Committee for Spatial Development of the Polish Academy of Science t.CVII, PAM, Warsaw 2000. His achievements also include approximately 150 papers published in Poland and abroad.

Professor Parteka collaborates with the Institut fuer Oekologische Raumentwicklung in Dresden.

He spends his free time cycling or cross-country skiing in the seaside forests.

European cohesion policy, spatial planning, metropolisation

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