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Jacek Zaucha


He is a Professor of Macroeconomics at the Faculty of Economics of Gdansk University.

He was a scholar at Oxford and Princeton Universities, 1991-1996 Senior Specialist in the Office of Regional Planning in Gdansk, 1994-2006 a member and Vice-Secretary of the Committee for Spatial Development of the Baltic Sea Region (the VASAB programme), responsible for the development and implementation of the Baltic spatial development strategies; 1996-1997 an expert member of the Task Force for Structural Policy in Poland.

Professor Zaucha is a co-author of the Transnational Cooperation Programme for the Baltic Sea Region 2007-2013, a member of teams assessing projects such as PHARE, INTERREGIIIB and South Baltic. Research interests: macroeconomics, spatial economy, regional policy, local development. 

space, development and transformation, international affairs

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