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Krystyna Gawlikowska-Hueckel


Krystyna Gawlikowska-Hueckel is a Professor in the Department of Economics of European Integration at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Gdansk. She has completed many international internships, including Hochschule für Wirtschaft, Bremen, Instituto Universitario Europeo (Florence) and Hochschule für Wirtschaft, Berlin. She has been the thesis supervisor of three doctoral dissertations. The initiator and organizer of postgraduate studies entitled: ”Polityka regionalna i Fundusze Strukturalne” (Regional Policy and Structural Funds).

Professor Krystyna Gawlikowska-Hueckel has managed many national and international projects. She is a member of the Editorial Board of Polska Regionum, a member of PECSA (Polish-European Community Studies Association). She is also an expert in assesing projects under the programmes: Equal, Leonardo da Vinci and the Regional Operational Programmes. Grants received include the Management Box Programme grant, the postgraduate European Integration studies grant from the TESSA Programme, the adaptation of the Polish economy to EU requirements, Jean Monnet Module (1996-1999) and Jean Monnet Permanent Course (1999-2002).

Professor Krystyna Gawlikowska-Hueckel is the author of over 140 publications in the field of regional economics and problems of regional disparities. She was awarded a first class individual prize of the Minister of Education and Sport for her book entitled: "Zróżnicowania regionalne w UE. Konwergencja czy polaryzacja?" (Regional variations in the EU. Convergence or polarization?).

Currently she represents Poland in the Board of Directors of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in London.

competitiveness, international affairs, development and transformation

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  • Email:k.gawlikowska-hueckel@instytut-rozwoju.org
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    polityka regionalna, konwergencja, dywergencja, handel zagraniczny, polityka przemysłowa, polityka monetarna, inwestycje zagraniczne, fundusze strukturalne Unii Europejskiej

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